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The Math Behind Michael Jordan's Legendary Hang Time

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As spectacular of an athlete as he was, even Michael Jordan can't beat gravity. Engage young scholars in exploring the science and math behind this hall-of-famer's amazing leaping ability, and see how things would be different on other planets with this short, animated video.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Add this video to a middle or high school physics lesson series on Newton's laws of motion
  • Have the class examine how Newton's laws apply to other sports-related phenomenon like hitting a home run in baseball or serving a ball in tennis
  • Flip your science classroom by assigning this video and short assessment as a homework exercise
  • Colorful animations help to engage viewers and offer visual support for the material being presented
  • A short quiz accompanies the video with five multiple choice and three free responses questions
  • Teachers are given the option of designing their own lesson using the TED-Ed website
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