The Mu of the Shoe

What is mu? Emerging scientists explore the coefficient of sliding friction, or mu, and apply its concepts as they complete activities in the interesting lesson. They measure the sliding friction between soles of their own athletic shoes and different materials on floor surfaces. They conclude by calculating the effects of frictional forces on multiple objects that you determine before the activity begins.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class perform the experiment on different brands of athletic shoes as well as different styles of shoes to determine which has the greater sliding friction
Classroom Considerations

  • Pay close attention as participants use the spring scale to avoid injury
  • Assist any pupils with special needs as they complete the activities and assessment for the lesson

  • Provides the ability to perform an activity on a common object and have learners relate this concept to everyday tasks
  • Requires minimal cleanup and uses nontoxic materials to demonstrate concepts

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