Lesson Plan

The One-Question Interview

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Generate interest in current events, the theme of a new unit, or a research project. Individuals select a question from the list generated by the class, conduct one-on-one interviews, analyze the responses, draw conclusions based on these responses, and then share their findings with the class.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • If using the activity to generate interest in the current events, arrange to have a class set of copies of a newspaper delivered to your classroom
  • Use the activity to launch any thematic unit or research project
  • Create a graphic organizer where interviewers can record the name of their subject, their responses, and notes about trends they observe
Classroom Considerations
  • Have the whole class brainstorm the questions, making sure that there are no duplicates
  • Be prepared to model how to draw conclusions from the interview notes
  • The activity reveals what class members want to know about a topic
  • Provides speaking, listening, and note-taking practice
  • No note-taking worksheet is included for those class members who need additional support