The Origin of Bone Names

The rib bone's connected to the xiphiod! But, what two Greek words are related to xiphiod? And what do certain Latin terms mean? Build understanding of the bones in the human body as well as Latin and Greek vocabulary with a scavenger hunt based around word origins.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Make some cross-curricular connections between science and language by focusing on scientific naming processes
  • Assign this as an anticipatory activity before a unit, a homework assignment, or an assessment
  • If working on this in class, allow learners to do the scavenger hunt with a partner or small group
Classroom Considerations

  • Since this is a scavenger hunt, you'll want to provide Internet access or appropriate reference materials for pupils to use

  • Covers quite a few bones of the body with questions about word origins that relate to various languages as well as other fun facts about bones

  • Does not include an answer key