The Physics of Space Battles

Ready to take your class on a journey through space and witness epic battles? A video segment portrays the true way space battles happen, complete with the way Hollywood handles the lack of gravity, even while firing missiles at the opposition. They discuss differences between scientific theories and what movies portray.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Recreate a space battle within the class, mimicking a popular fiction movie, and point out the details that would not be true if the movie was made following scientific theory
  • Show popular science fiction movies featuring space battles and discuss differences in how each portrays the elements of space in relation to the actual theories involved
Classroom Considerations

  • Make certain all learners understand the significant differences between scientific concepts and the way movies portray outer space, and that they understand there is often a large difference in this association

  • Uncovers the truth about a popular scientific concept, presented in clear and simple language
  • Provides the ability to expand or modify the lesson as needed, depending on classroom demographic

  • None