The Pot is Hot

What do a pot and a robot have in common? They both end in -ot! Kids practice their -ot words by reading the short poem included here and then tap into reading comprehension skills by answering the three questions.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Read the short poem out loud as a class, or have kids read it out loud with partners or small groups
  • Require pupils to circle every -ot word in the text
  • Ask learners to highlight the areas where they found the answers to the reading comprehension questions
Classroom Considerations

  • In an attempt to include as many -ot words as possible, the creators of this worksheet composed a rather odd and disjointed poem; it does, however, include plenty of -ot words to practice with

  • The handwriting lines will help young writers as they practice writing correctly
  • While the poem is a bit odd, kids will enjoy reading all of the words with the same ending

  • Does not provide an answer key; however, answers should be easy to determine
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