The Present Subjunctive: How?

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Once your class has mastered the indicative, it's time to present the subjunctive mood. This resource focuses solely on how to conjugate in the present subjunctive, but does link to more information on how to to use it. Class members can try their hands at conjugation with the linked online exercise, called Practiquemos! Additionally, a teacher or pupil can use the At a Glance page and presentation for reference or instruction.

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  • Presents the information in several different formats, which allows for some flexibility of instruction
  • The linked conjugation exercise is great for basic practice in any Spanish verb tense or mood and includes regular and irregular verbs
  • While teaching the conjugation separately narrows the focus, this does take it a bit out of context; supplement the resource with instruction on when to use the subjunctive
  • No instructional steps are listed, but the information and other resources are a good starting point for a lesson or can be useful in a flipped classroom