The Present Subjunctive: When?

This The Present Subjunctive: When? handout & reference also includes:

Some Spanish learners believe the subjunctive is frightening. Help eradicate that fear by going into depth on when to use the present subjunctive. There are many different situations in which the subjunctive is used described here. You can create a reference page from the At a Glance page, use the presentation, or flip your classroom and have pupils access the information from home; the choice is yours how to use the different options provided in this resource.

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  • The presentation includes exercises interspersed in the material that will help your class practice and could easily act as break points for scaffolding the material
  • The information is provided in several different ways that allow for flexibility

  • Consider covering one section a day to avoid overwhelming your class with the large amount of information here
  • Answers to the exercises are not included