The Present Tense (Part 1)

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This The Present Tense (Part 1) interactive also includes:

This resource examines the present tense through several mediums. The information covered includes: regular present tense verbs, stem-changing present tense verbs, irregular present tense verbs, and use of the present tense. Included is a summary page titled At a Glance that would work well for a reference page, an interactive presentation, and an online practice exercise that could be used for the present tense and much more. Flip your class with these materials, or use them as inspiration!

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  • The practice exercise, called Practiquemos!, is an incredibly useful resource that provides a place for pupils to practice every verb tense and allows for teacher registration, but does not require it
  • Additional materials add to the wealth of information provided on the page
  • The hosting site calls this a lesson plan, but there aren't any instructional steps
  • This is too much information for beginning Spanish learners to digest all at once; break the material up into smaller chunks to scaffold instruction