The Preterite Tense

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Focus on how to conjugate Spanish verbs in the preterite. You can use this webpage to inform your own lesson on the preterite, take a day in the computer lab, or flip your classroom and have pupils examine the page for homework. There is information and a presentation about conjugating in the preterite, including irregular and spelling and stem changing verbs. Pupils can practice with the online interactive exercise linked on the page.

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  • Includes several tabs that present the information in different ways
  • The practice activity Practiquemos! is a useful tool for practicing the preterite and other tenses that allows, but does not require, teachers to sign up and receive results

  • The resource does not go into any depth about when to use the preterite and focuses almost entirely on conjugation; however, it does link to another resource that expands on the use of imperfect and preterite
  • While called a lesson on the page, there are no procedures listed