The Product Rule

You'd think that the derivative of a product of two functions would be the product of their derivatives, but that's not the case! Viewers learn the Product Rule for differentiation in the concept video in the first installment of a 6-part video series on techniques of differentiation,  The three problem videos cover examples of using the Product Rule, including one where the derivative is found at a specific point.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the video as part of an introductory lesson on the Product Rule
  • Challenge your pupils to find an example where the derivative of the product of two functions is the product of their derivatives
Classroom Considerations

  • Videos assume knowledge of basic derivative shortcut rules for all function types covered in the previous video series

  • Color coding helps distinguish between functions in the Product Rule
  • Problem videos consider different function types

  • If showing the series one after another, you cannot view the entire video without membership