The Psychology of Listicles

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Are listicles a satisfying intellectual treat? Or do they ruin the capacity of the mind? While learners may enjoy lists that run the gamut from politics to cute animals, experts unpack the psychology of what makes these tidbits of information so popular. Links to scholarly work engage a higher level of thinking around the brain and information. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have scholars consider what other elements of popular culture and the Internet engage the brain in the same way listicles do
  • Discuss whether listicles are damaging to or enhance intellectual growth
Classroom Considerations

  • Video presumes individuals have some background in psychology and understand what a listicle is 

  • Video makes connections between popular culture and neurology in an engaging way
  • Resources—including scholarly articles—allow for extension into higher levels of thinking and reading

  • Some links to resources no longer work