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The Real Story Behind Archimedes' Eureka!

This The Real Story Behind Archimedes' Eureka! instructional video also includes:

Can a boat the size of a palace possibly float? Discover how a king and a famous Ancient Greek mathematician named Archimedes answered this question, and explore the history behind Archimedes' principle and how a law of physics that is fundamental to fluid mechanics could have originated in a simple bathtub of water.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • The segment of the video explaining the grand plans that were in store for the vessel actually reveals several important aspects of Ancient Greek society. Explore each of the features, such as the construction of a gymnasium or towers built on statues of Apollo, and how they represent Ancient Greek beliefs and practices
Classroom Considerations
  • If assigning this video as a flipped learning resource, consider customizing the assessment questions or additional resources provided in the Think and Dig Deeper options of the TedEd website
  • Engaging graphics and animations
  • Several valuable informatonal points and historical context included
  • None