Unit Plan

The Science of the Sun

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There's more to that glowing ball of light in sky than most children realize. From the overall structure of the solar system, to the changing of the seasons, these hands-on lessons open the eyes of young scientists to the important role the sun plays in life on Earth.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this series of lessons and activities to kick off a science unit on the solar system
  • Create a learning menu using the extension activities and additional resources for students can work on when they finish a lesson early
Classroom Considerations
  • These lessons and activities require some preparation, so be sure to plan ahead when implementing them
  • Offers suggestions for implementing these lessons with your class
  • Provides instructions for having students use interactive notebooks during this unit
  • Supporting worksheets and printable materials are included with each lesson
  • Each lesson offers ideas for extending learning
  • Unit includes pre- and post-assessments for monitoring student growth
  • None