The Skeletal and Muscular Systems

This The Skeletal and Muscular Systems workbook also includes:

Introduce future doctors to medical terminology and phrases associated with the skeletal and muscular systems. As they work through a series of worksheets and exercises, high schoolers apply their knowledge of the bones of the human body to an array of activities.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign worksheets and exercises to small groups or pairs
  • Use the packet as a collection of warm-up activities
  • Include in curriculum for human anatomy and physiology
  • Have individuals find the definitions for the medical terms on their own in an independent or group research project
Classroom Considerations

  • The resource comes from chapter 6 of The Skeletal and Muscular Systems by Pearson Education, which is a helpful supplemental material but not necessary to complete the assignments

  • Provides a variety of exercises, including a word search, case study, dictation report, and diagram to label
  • The last eight pages of the packet are answer keys for each assignment

  • Only one illustration is included in the packet