Lesson Plan

The Sound of…Poetry!

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Scritch, scratch, scritch. It's the sound of pupils writing poetry! Focus on sensory language and onomatopoeia with a writing instructional activity. After listening to some sounds, learners examine a couple of poems that include sound words and then move on to writing collaborative and then individual poems.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Find even more poems that include sound words to share with your class if you'd like to extend the initial analysis phase
  • Decorate your classroom for the poetry reading or provide some items for sound effects during the readings for extra fun
Classroom Considerations
  • For some classes, these procedures may take more than the one hour suggested to complete, especially if you allow a good chunk of time for sharing work
  • Links to the two poems are provided
  • Lesson requires learners to work with others, play with language, and practice writing and sharing their own original poems
  • None