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The Surprising (And Invisible) Signatures of Sea Creatures

This The Surprising (And Invisible) Signatures of Sea Creatures instructional video also includes:

Airplanes resulted from observations of birds flying. What inventions could be inspired by watching sea creatures move? Viewers are challenged to consider how bio-observation might lead them to design something to overcome a challenge in our world.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Flip the lesson and have kids watch the video, complete the comprehension check, and take notes on the research topics before returning to class for the discussion
Classroom Considerations
  • The links provide more in-depth information about bio-design and design centers
  • The resource includes the video, a comprehension check, links to related resources, and a discussion question
  • Rather than a detailed presentation about what the speaker has learned from studying the movement of sea creatures, the video is more of a challenge for viewers to create their own devices