Themes in Short Stories

This Themes in Short Stories handout & reference also includes:

"What is the theme of this story?" The very question can spark fear in the minds of readers and incinerate confidence. Here you will discover an exercise that shows how writers use the tools of setting, plot, conflict, and characterization to ignite interest and build their theme. 

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Classroom Considerations

  • Although the lesson is designed to help individuals prepare for the Florida GED® exam, the approach would work equally well in any learning situation
  • Consider adding a lesson that shows readers how writers carefully craft their characters, setting, plot, and conflict to create, build, and reinforce their theme

  • Links to sites for downloading short stories are provided
  • The four-minute YouTube rap video "Flocabuary Five Things" is sure to engage viewers

  • More scaffolding is needed to show readers how the five elements interact
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