Thermodynamics: Crash Course History of Science #26

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Scientists discovered the first law of thermodynamics 25 years after the second law of thermodynamics. The seemingly obvious discoveries sometimes confuse scientists while more complex challenges encourage extra study—and take more time to discover. Episode 26 in the Crash Course Science of History video series takes on the tricky topics of temperature, thermodynamics, and entropy.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Add each of the scientific discoveries mentioned to a timeline and discuss why they appear to be out of order
  • Map where each discovery happened and discuss why some areas of the world at this time had more scientific research than others
Classroom Considerations

  • Relies on prior knowledge of temperature scales, friction, and steam engines

  • Works well in traditional or flipped classes
  • Connects science, history, social pressures, and math

  • None