These Carnivorous Worms Catch Bugs by Mimicking the Night Sky

Have you ever wanted to lay inside a cave and look up at thousands of stars twinkling? Caves in New Zealand have glow worms that mimic the night sky in order to confuse their prey. This allows the worms to trap their prey and eat them alive.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Listen to the song "Glow Worm" by the Mills Brothers and discuss if it was based on these worms or not
  • List other animals that use bioluminescence and their similarities to these worms
Classroom Considerations

  • Best fits in a lesson on animal adaptations, predator-prey relationships, bioluminescence, or cave environments

  • Provides subtitles for English learners
  • HD video offers an amazing opportunity to see sights the majority of people on earth have never witnessed

  • None