Thinking About Thanksgiving: Four Lessons Across the Curriculum

Bring two integrated curriculum resources about Thanksgiving to an elementary social studies unit. The first activity focuses on Squanto's contributions to the early Pilgrims' survival with a gardening activity in which learners add fish fertilizer. Next, learners work on the second activity, in which they learn different ways to say Thank You around the world.

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Classroom Considerations

  • See attached lessons for a math application activity, as well as a history lesson about the first Thanksgiving

  • Resource also contains links to several other Thanksgiving-related online resources
  • Provides all necessary worksheets

  • None
Included Materials - Join to Access

  • Thanksgiving Then and Now
  • Putting Turkey on a Table (or a Graph)
  • Squanto's Gift: A Thanksgiving Science Lesson
  • Say "Thank You" in 100 Languages
  • Activity