Thinking Interdependently

Transform your class into a team with a lesson about thinking and working interdependently. As they reflect on important roles for a group, elementary and middle schoolers learn to work together and think of ways that compliment each other.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the lesson before a big group project or assignment in which classmates must work together
  • Encourage your class to write a narrative reflection about a time they were in a group with strong teamwork dynamics, or in a time they thought they were doing more work than others
Classroom Considerations

  • You may need to spend a lot of time explaining the movie and its context; consider just showing the movie in class to demonstrate your point
  • If you don't have video capabilities, you could find another example of teamwork to model for your class
  • Younger learners may need some guidance for the group discussion, as they might not be familiar with the roles in a successful group dynamic

  • Versatile for any subject
  • Emphasizes the importance of listening and working together 
  • Videos are engaging and demonstrate the point well

  • None