Thought-Feeling-Behavior Triangle

This Thought-Feeling-Behavior Triangle graphic organizer also includes:

All actions, good and bad, first begin with an idea. Using these worksheets, help learners become more aware of how their thoughts can spiral into different feelings and behaviors, as well as to practice considering the pros and cons of a situation before ever making a decision.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use these worksheets to prompt discussion during a lesson on social development, depression, relationships with peers, or self-awareness
  • Leave blank spaces for learners to return to these worksheets the next time they must face a difficult decision, and offer specific references they can turn to for guidance and support

  • Document leaves ample room for students to write down ideas and questions
  • Includes an additional worksheet where learners identify the dos and don'ts of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle 

  • None