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Three Anti-Social Skills to Improve Your Writing

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This Three Anti-Social Skills to Improve Your Writing instructional video also includes:

"What?" she said. "That video just told me to eavesdrop, get to know imaginary people, and talk to myself. Interesting." It's all for a good cause, though! These three techniques will help your young writers improve their fictional dialogue. Using animated examples, the narrator conveys the positive effects of these not-so-social skills. Take a look at the extra materials and consider flipping the lesson to put your own spin on it.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Information is presented in an amusing and accessible way that middle and high schoolers will enjoy
  • The narrator is clear in her explanation and provides ample examples
  • Try out the flip option to customize the extra materials for your learners
  • There is no activity included; however, the video is engaging and could easily act as a lead-in to a dialogue writing activity