Timeline of Your Life

This Timeline of Your Life activity & project also includes:

Pupils can use PowerPoint as a tool to create clear timelines that show their lives in relationship to historical events. Take a trip to the computer lab and share this page with your class. Class members can watch each video and follow along on their own. The narrator explains each step of creating the timeline and demonstrates as he speaks. Also included on the page is a link to a website full of historical events organized by year.

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  • Since PowerPoint allows user to easily place and move around objects and text boxes, it makes an excellent tool for this project
  • This is just the basics of PowerPoint and could easily be used as a foundational lesson and built upon throughout the year or project

  • Since the narrator has a soft voice, some students might not fully engage with the material
  • The video is very specific in talking about the year 2014 as the final year of the timeline; however, it would be simple to just tell individuals to change the year