Lesson Plan

To Canada with Love

This To Canada with Love lesson plan also includes:

Focus on line and color with a postcard project. Learners view various works of art and discuss line and color before moving on to creating their own work. Using nature as inspiration, pupils decorate postcards and mail them after filling in messages.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Teach this lesson alongside instruction on how to write a friendly letter
  • Have students address the postcards to themselves; you can save them and send them out at the end of the year for a fun surprise
Classroom Considerations
  • An actual slide show of the images is not included (although this is mentioned in the plan), so you may wish to create your own
  • Some of the procedures are a bit vague, but the overall wealth of materials increases the resource's value
  • Cross-curricular lesson combines art, discussion, and writing
  • Comes with images to discuss, materials lists, vocabulary, a rubric, and more
  • None