Lesson Plan

Tracing Our Own Family Pilgrimages

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This Tracing Our Own Family Pilgrimages lesson plan also includes:

The Pilgrims may have arrived in North America by way of the Mayflower, but chances are, your class members' ancestors came to the United States in another way. Guide them through an exploration of their own heritage, countries of origin, and immigration stories with a social studies lesson that focuses on the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate aspects of social studies and language arts into the lesson
Classroom Considerations
  • Lesson notes sensitivity to some families' concern with the legal status of their immigration, and how to address these issues
  • Requires modification for lower grade levels or struggling readers
  • Applies a well-known historical event to learners' personal lives
  • Offer extension opportunities
  • Links to worksheets do not work, so you will need to create your own