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Tragedy, Triumph, or Trespass?

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This Tragedy, Triumph, or Trespass? lesson plan also includes:

Did westward expansion really live up to the dream of adventurers for a new life and opportunities for land and resources? While designed for a flipped classroom, try using this resource to evaluate primary sources alongside your class! Project the images provided and discuss as a group the reasons why each primary resource represents a cost/benefit of westward expansion.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Link to online interactive activity where you and your class can "weigh" primary sources
  • Link to primary source analysis tool
  • No answer key provided - you will need to prepare your own analysis of the primary sources
  • You may wish to provide a separate lesson on primary source analysis for the class before beginning this lesson
  • No essential question for writing prompt
  • Rubric is slightly vague and does not provide concrete standards