Two Graphing Stories

Can you graph your story? Keep your classes interested by challenging them to graph a scenario and interpret the meaning of an intersection. Be sure they paty attention to the detail of a graph, including intercepts, slope, intersections, and intervals. Individuals understand the meaning of the intersection when they are able to relate it to the video or story.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use as an introduction to linear systems
  • Extend example one by asking how the graph would change if one person was walking faster or slower and how it affects the intersection point
  • Write a description about each intersection point using context and specific units and measures
Classroom Considerations

  • Using stairs may reinforce the common misconception that a line with a negative slope means a person is walking downhill; front load the concept of a distance vs. time graph to rectify this problem

  • Well-designed lesson with introduction and conclusion activity
  • All handouts and keys are included

  • None