Understanding Cyberbullying — Virtual vs. Physical Worlds

This Understanding Cyberbullying — Virtual vs. Physical Worlds lesson plan also includes:

Spend a few days discussing cyberbullying with an engaging lesson. Opening discussion questions get the conversation started while quotes and articles continue thoughtful dialogue. Small group activities and role-play scenarios extend the practical application, helping learners see the real-life implications of their behavior. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have learners write a journal entry about their own online presence and social media lives
  • Use during a school-wide focus on bullying and peer leadership
Classroom Considerations

  • Screenshots reflect outdated technology; consider using images from social media that they would be more familiar with in their daily lives
  • Instill a safe and mature learning atmosphere in your classroom to help pupils discuss these issues
  • A few links are broken, but lesson functions without them

  • Helps to cultivate healthy methods of communication and ethical behavior online
  • Real-world application helps to make the concept more meaningful for learners
  • Last two pages consist of a parents' guide to cyberbullying

  • None