Understanding the Greenhouse Effect

This Understanding the Greenhouse Effect lesson plan also includes:

Dive into the power of the sun with a two-part instructional activity. Budding scientists model the greenhouse effect in a hands-on activity, and then participate in a skit that explores the earth's energy balances and what really occurs in the greenhouse effect.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Set up groups prior to learners entering the classroom
  • Create a word wall with the vocabulary world list
Classroom Considerations

  • The resource is the second lesson in a unit of five that is also included in a series of four units on climate change
  • Requires two thermometers, two cans, water, and a plastic bag, per group

  • The 28-page packet comes with background information for teachers, a detailed plan, a vocabulary list, two lab activities, accompanying lab worksheets, and answer keys
  • Introduces the greenhouse effect by modeling before explaining how it is directly related to greenhouse gasses

  • None