Unit 3: Scientific Writing

Write-on! Demonstrate a writing model and support learners as they write an informational essay on a water resource issue of your (or their) choosing. The lesson plan provides a well-scaffolded summative writing experience that wraps up a three-unit plan on water resources, the water cycle, watersheds, and local water quality.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider having class members pair up and write to an audience, such as a local politician or newspaper, to increase engagement and raise awareness of local water issues
Classroom Considerations
  • Although the lesson plans specify a word processing program, learners can hand write their essays if given more time
  • Lesson plans use very detailed, scaffolded steps; modify to suit your classroom
  • Graphic organizers, writing templates, writing prompts, and exit tickets are versatile for a wide range of subjects
  • Contains useful writing resources that cover MLA citations and ways to quote without plagiarizing
  • Like the other units of this module, the information is dense and will probably need some modification to hold the interest of middle schoolers