Unit Rate Problem Solving

Eight word problems and a well organized answer sheet make up a practice page designed to reinforce unit rates. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Randomly assign class members four problems to solve, allow them to work individually or in small groups to receive extra support from their peers 
  • Implement as an exit ticket; assign one problem and review correct answers for dissmissal—repeat the process four times to use the entire sheet 
  • Go over word problems prior to independent practice; demonstrate how to circle, underline, or highlight key information for those in need of extra support
Classroom Considerations
  • There are eight problems, but only four spaces to show work; provide extra worksheets if you assign all eight problems 
  • Assumes pupils have knowledge of solving unit rate word problems 
  • The resource is the second of six in a series created for substitutes visiting a sixth grade classroom
  • Provides adequate space for learners to write directly on the worksheet
  • Page one's bright and colorful background enhances engagement
  • None
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