U.S. Constitution Crossword Puzzles: Advanced #1

What do Boston Harbor, the Electoral College, and Chief Powhatan have in common? They all represent vital moments in American history—and they are all clues in a thorough and challenging crossword puzzle about the United States Constitution.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign for homework in a unit on the Constitution or when preparing for Constitution Day
  • Have class members try to complete the puzzle in pairs or groups, based only on prior knowledge, to assess what they already know
  • Use as a creative assessment option after studying the Constitution
Classroom Considerations
  • Some of the solutions in the puzzle are hyphenated or contain multiple words, so let learners know not to include hyphens or spaces in their answers
  • Bottom of the puzzle contains an offer from the publisher about additional materials
  • Includes another version of the puzzle; both versions come with answer keys
  • Contains clues about the American Revolution, early American government, and specific Consitutional amendments, as well as more current topics in the United States
  • None