Lesson Plan

U.S. Immigration Policy

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The United States Immigration Policy is incredibly complex. To gain a deeper understanding of the criteria, quotas, preferences, and categories of immigrants admitted to the US, class members engage in a role playing activity that simulates this system. Individuals then reflect on how they would revise the system to better protect human rights.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups research how US immigration policy has changed since 2010
Classroom Considerations
  • The packet includes a note to read "The Advisory on Immigration Status on page 20 before beginning this lesson"
  • Requires copies of multiple handouts and extensive prep time to prepare all the materials needed
  • Fifth in a series of 13 resources designed to be used in order
  • The simulation reflects immigration statistics from 2010 and are thus dated; therefore, consider using stats that reflect current trends
  • The 26-page packet includes a detailed plan for the activities, templates for the required materials, and discussion questions
  • The lesson is based on statistics from 2010 and does not reflect the current immigration debate on immigrant rights versus national security