Lesson Plan

U.S. Immigration Policy and Hitler’s Holocaust

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Though the Statue of Liberty welcomes political refugees to her shores, the welcoming sentiment has not always been reflected in the American citizenry. High schoolers read about the regrettable period in United States history when the Roosevelt administration not only delayed responding to the Jewish refugee crisis before World War II, they banned the ship St. Louis from landing in America, sending the Jewish passengers back to Europe to be captured by Nazis and sent to concentration camps.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners read the passage at home and come to class prepared for discussion in a flipped classroom activity
  • Relevant for a discussion about the Holocaust or when discussing current immigration issues
Classroom Considerations
  • Prepare for a variety of opinions about past and present immigration policies with the attached teacher reference page regarding controversial topics
  • Prompts readers to think about the American response to World War II in a way they might not have done before
  • Provides actual data from a 1938 poll in Fortune magazine regarding Americans' opinions on allowing Jewish refugees to enter the country
  • None