Using Algebra Tiles to Explore Distributive Property

This Using Algebra Tiles to Explore Distributive Property lesson plan also includes:

Math is fun with algebra tiles! Young mathematicians explore eight expressions involving the distributive property and use algebra tiles to expand simple expressions. The resource is perfect for both guided and independent practice.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Adapt the lesson to use virtual algebra tiles if a projector is not available
  • While the resource assumes pupils already have knowledge of the distributive property, it can also serve as an introductory lesson
Classroom Considerations

  • As the title of the resource suggests, a class set of algebra tiles is necessary, as well as other materials (i.e. colored pencils)
  • The lesson assumes knowledge of how to use algebra tiles from a previous lesson on combining like terms

  • Contains lesson guide, worksheet, and colorful answer key

  • Fairly basic and typical lesson on using algebra tiles to model the distributive property