Using the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

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Here's help in making the giant leap from finding real to finding complex roots. Careful and thorough in explanation, the theory of polynomial algebra is briefly touched upon before the examples really dive into the application of the fundamental theorem of algebra. Key points are emphasized with response-required questions, and examples are carefully chosen to emphasize complex roots while minimizing messy arithmetic manipulations. A great supplement lesson to re-explain the p's and q's of polynomial root finding.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Set up individual remediation by watching this video, then working teacher-assigned and assisted problems
  • Consider using in a flipped-classroom model, where learners view this video as homework, then come into class to work problems and ask questions
  • Leave with a corresponding problem set as a long-form substitute lesson plan
Classroom Considerations

  • While video does not require YouTube, it does require streaming access 
  • Printing screenshots of the video might help students in following along or note taking

  • Pleasant voice and clear notes written in time on screen
  • Not a YouTube-linked video, for ease of classroom access
  • Key parts and sticking points emphasized by lecturer

  • No corresponding worksheet or note sheet provided
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