Venn Diagrams

Combine your lessons on Venn diagrams, probability, and multiples with several activities. After picking seven cubes, learners note the number of cubes that are blue and mark them in a Venn diagram. The next assignments prompt them to do the same with multiples of two, multiples of five, and different shapes.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the worksheets as different assignments, or as an ongoing unit about Venn diagrams and probability
  • A good activity for a math center
  • Have kids replicate the assignments with items other than cubes (marshmallows and candies, marbles and blocks, etc)
Classroom Considerations

  • Assignments become more complicated as you go on
  • Last few pages would be best if divided into strips or separate pages, as the instructions might be complicated for some learners

  • A good hands-on activity for math learners of all skill levels
  • Comes with the Venn diagrams they need to complete the activities

  • None