Verb Tense Review: the Importance of Time

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When you ask a fourth grader to write a sentence in the past perfect progressive tense, there might be some confusion. But with a presentation that features several different verb tenses, along with examples and a handy timeline, your class easily identifies the ways to describe actions that have happened, will happen, or are continuing to happen.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners write example sentences for each verb tense, using their weekly vocabulary words
  • Encourage the class to create a timeline like the one in the slides to demonstrate something they have been doing, something they have done, and something they will be doing
Classroom Considerations
  • Doesn't include practice slides or activities for learners; however, use the worksheets or assignments you have as a follow-up for the presentation
  • Features many different tenses, including simple past, present, and future; past perfect, present perfect, and future perfect; past progressive, present progressive, future progressive; and past perfect progressive, present perfect progressive, and future perfect progressive
  • Each slide is clear and explanatory
  • Some learners may find it difficult to focus on the text-heavy slides