Virtual Lab: Determination of the pH Scale by the Method of Successive Dilutions

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Where did the pH scale come from? Take a deeper look at a most important measure of ion concentration using a simulated physical determination. Young chemists prepare a series of dilutions after determining a dilution factor for the experiment. Then, they plot the ion concentration on a graph to examine the resulting line shape.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the lesson to focus on the pH scale or to provide extra practice in working with pH and ion concentration
  • Do a pre- and post-lab journal entry so learners can describe what they thought would happen versus what they ended up actually doing
Classroom Considerations
  • Students should be very comfortable with exponents and logarithms 
  • Have pupils label the flasks they will use before beginning the simulation; it will keep them from forgetting which concentrations they are using
  • The instructions are well-written and simple enough for individuals to work on away from school
  • Resource works well and is realistic in the tools and solutions used to complete the lab
  • None
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