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Virtual Neurons

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It's electric! Young anatomists use Virtual Neurons software to build, control, and analyze complex nerve circuits within the body. Colorful and packed with content, class members enjoy interacting with the nervous system at a personal level. The teacher's guide includes everything needed for a successful day of moving muscles!

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Instructional Ideas
  • The teacher's guide includes many different assessment options to choose as a summative assessment 
Classroom Considerations
  • Virtual Neurons software is required to execute the plan
  • Consider your class' level of prior knowledge during planning and schedule time (one to two days) in the school's computer lab
  • Provides hands-on experience with neuron function, allowing individuals to create their own human body "circuits"
  • Allows learners to draw the intricate parts of the nervous system and visualize the parts of the system that either help or inhibit communication between neurons
  • One spelling error present on page seven