Virtuoso Piano Free 3

This may be as close to playing a piano as it is possible to get without actually having a physical instrument in the class. Learn the names and sounds of keys, play a solo or a duet, and practice scales or any song you'd like–all for free!

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App Overview

Fitting an entire piano keyboard and it's pedals onto a tablet screen took a good bit of imagination and creativity, but the Virtuoso Piano does a nice job of it. Just tap the keys as you would any other keyboard to let the sweet music flow.

Navigating the Keyboard

  • Use the Arrow icons or the Slidebar above the keys to move to different locations on the keyboard
  • Extend the amount of visible keyboard by pressing the Keyboard icon, which switches the view from a single layer of keyboard to two layers of keyboard (think stacked, like organ keyboards are)
  • Flip the second layer of keyboard around so that two people can play simultaneously by tapping the User icon (which looks like two heads)
  • Make the keyboard bigger (less visible keys) or smaller (more visible keys) by clicking either the Plus or Minus icon on either side of the keyboard

More Keyboard Controls

  • A variety of other Settings (accessed via the icon that looks like a gear) allow for control
  • Volume: How loud does the keyboard sound?
  • Sustain: How long do notes hold after they've been pressed?
  • Soft: Can the keyboard be played softly to make the sound more soft?
  • TrueVelocity: Press harder, the note is louder. Press softer, the note is quieter
  • Key Labels: Should the name of each white key be displayed or not?
  • Touch Glow: Does the key glow after it is pressed, or not?

Instrument Selection

The app includes two free instruments: a grand piano and a broken bar piano. Switch between the two by selecting the diamond-shaped Instrument icon at the far left of the keyboard. 

These instruments are also available as $0.99 in-app purchase:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Electric piano
  • Clavinet
  • Radio piano
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Instructional Ideas

  • Kick off a lesson in musicality for young learners by having the class note similarities or patterns they see on the keyboard
  • Demonstrate basic musical concepts such as octaves and scales, or more advanced theory like the circle of fifths
  • Challenge students to write (and perform!) a solo or duet on the app
Classroom Considerations

This app is meant to make some noise! Be sure that headphones are available for anyone wanting to play the ivory bones. 


  • Names of letters on keys make for good beginner tool
  • Ability to press harder or lighter to make sound louder or softer
  • Life-like sound and functionality

  • The not-quite-real-life size of the keyboard makes practicing proper finger placement a bit difficult
  • For songs that move between different registers, it's a bit challenging to play as only part of the keyboard can display at any one time
  • This is a tool strictly for practice...or in other words, an instrument–there is no ability to monitor, track, or promote learning, and no way to record performances