Visual Clues

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Whether you realize it or not, reading an image and reading a text require similar skills, including the ability to make inferences. For this simple worksheet, children look at a picture of a snowy winter day and answer a series of inferential multiple choice questions, choosing one of their responses to explain in writing.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Extend learning for early finishers by having them write their own inferential questions about the picture
  • Project the worksheet and discuss the questions as a class during a lesson on making inferences
  • Differentiate the worksheet by requiring some children to write an explaination for all of their answers, rather than choosing just a single answer to explain
Classroom Considerations

  • For students living in warmer climates, some of these questions may be difficult to answer because they require prior experience with winter weather
  • Printing the worksheet in black and white will make it a harder for children to make inferences about the image

  • Exercise clearly addresses children's ability to make inferences
  • Directions are clear and easy to follow
  • An answer key is included with the worksheet

  • None