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Give young geologists an up close and personal look at volcanoes with a series of hands-on earth science lessons. Whether they are investigating the properties of igneous rocks, building their own volcanoes, or making fudge to model the cooling of lava, students are bound to be engaged as they expand their understanding of these fascinating geological formations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use these lessons to teach about igneous rocks in an upper-elementary or middle school earth science unit on the rock cycle
  • These activities can be implemented as a whole series, or they can be individually inserted into your earth science curriculum
Classroom Considerations
  • Unit is intended to accompany a specific kit of materials that can be checked out from the Brooklyn Children's Museum, but any collection of the same rock samples can be used instead
  • Lessons involve children's books that may be found in your school or local pubic library
  • Offers suggestions for additional cross-curricular activities relating to volcanoes
  • Includes recipes for making fudge in a microwave or over a hotplate
  • A comprehensive list of vocabulary is included with definitions for each term
  • Extensive background information about volcanoes is provided to support teachers with implementing these lessons
  • None