Waste Audit

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Does everything in the trash can belong there? Conduct a waste audit with your class by collecting a day's worth of garbage, separating it into recyclables, non-recyclables, or food waste, and properly distributing what they find into recycling areas or compost bins. Learners then discuss ways to reduce the amount of waste in their home or in their school, and create materials to educate others about proper recycling.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use as a science project lesson for kids to finish at home and present to the class
  • Have kids use a selection of garbage from the school dumpster or trash can, and have them create posters for the school based on their findings
  • Pair the lesson with an Earth Day unit or a field trip to a recycling center
  • Incorporate the lesson into your unit on percentages, so learners can assess the percentage of each category of waste materials
Classroom Considerations

  • Though the activity is designed for STEM extension at home, it could be adapted for the boys and girls in your classroom

  • Comes with a reference sheet for teachers and learners
  • An easy and engaging activity for young environmentalists

  • None