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Water Treatment - Water Works

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With so much water everywhere, how is it that people around the world don't have clean water for drinking and bathing? Part three in a seven-part series describing Earth's water resources introduces the class to the process of water treatment in rural and urban environments. The scarcity of potable water in many areas, with some eye-opening statistics, is also a focus in the video.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Prior to showing the video, ask the class to write down what they know about where their water at home comes from
  • Provide learners with links to the clean water projects mentioned by the narrator for an awareness-raising research project
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider showing the resource as an add-on to a water cycle unit to introduce the concept of human influence within the cycle
  • Content sheds light on the global issue of water quality and availability, one that might be new to some individuals
  • The process of water treatment is described systematically and includes information on filtration of rural well water
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