Weather on the Internet

This Weather on the Internet lesson plan also includes:

What the weather like today? How about in other countries? In Celsius and Fahrenheit? Have your learners use the Internet to look up the weather in Spanish! They'll discuss their findings in Spanish with a partner and create a chart over the course of several days to track the weather in several Spanish-speaking countries.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Increase the difficulty by asking Spanish language learners to write their sentences in Spanish rather than English
Classroom Considerations

  • Pupils will need prior knowledge of how to convert between celsius and fahrenheit before completing this Spanish lesson plan
  • The website mentioned in the plan has been updated since the lesson was written, so you may need to find another way for learners to access the weather in Spanish

  • Includes a student handout that provides instructions and a brief rubric for reference
  • Comes with some ideas for how to manage this lesson in a class with only one or a few computers

  • None