Websites to Remember

Keep track of all your favorite sites with this handy record page. Included here are two PDF versions (one in black and one in blue), and two Word document versions that you can use to type in the site information.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Print one out and hand it around during a faculty meeting; teachers can fill in their favorite sites, and you can send around a copy or scan and send out a PDF
  • Keep the Word version saved to your computer, and add to it whenever you stumble across something great
  • Upload your file to Google Docs or another cloud service and share it with your PLC or grade level members
Classroom Considerations

  • See the materials tab for the extra versions of this page

  • Provides a clear place for your to note useful education websites
  • Comes with several versions that you can use and edit

  • The word address should be capitalized; you can change this in the Word version if desired