Lesson Plan

Welcome to the Color Vowel Chart

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This Welcome to the Color Vowel Chart lesson plan also includes:

Focus English language learners' attention on word stress and phrase stress with a pronunciation chart that breaks the sounds into moving and non-moving vowel sounds. The chart tool uses colors and key words to indicate where to put the stress within words or between words to change the meaning of that word.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have language learners use colored pencils to copy the color vowel chart to keep as a reference in their journals
  • Make sure the classroom is rich with pictures and that your word wall is categorized by color for ELLs
Classroom Considerations
  • The IPA symbols may be difficult for some learners
  • Colored pencils or markers are not required but would be helpful
  • Kinesthetic and visual English language learners find the chart enjoyable
  • US Department of States Office English Language Programs have adopted the chart to teach American English and provide the resource
  • None
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